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  1. Front Page
    • A little nostalgia
    • Thanks be to the helpful
  2. Applications
    • Pre-release v0.12 of FunkeySynth for Harmattan
    • SeriesFinale 0.6.8 - improved startup time & other platforms' clones
  3. Development
    • Harmattan development without a device
    • Sharing your Harmattan work with others via OBS
    • Changes to "stable" MeeGo 1.2 being merged without discussion?
    • ...and 3 more
  4. Community
    • Reporting bugs in MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan and N950
  5. Devices
    • Nokia N9 won't support NFC mobile wallet or payments
    • Minor progress on Nokia N950 FM receiver
  6. In the Wild
    • Video: Foursquare – Growing with Nokia
  7. Announcements
    • Callerx for blocking incoming N900 phone calls
    • Markets Today (stock tracking app) for Harmattan
    • Nine Men's Morris game for Harmattan
    • ...and 3 more

Front Page

A little nostalgia

A few of us had N950s arrive in our eager hands last week. Stephen Gadsby, among the lucky, has taken advantage of the opportunity to stage a photograph featuring his Nokia 770, N800, N810, N900 and N950: over 6 years of Nokia Linux mobile computing devices. It certainly brings back fond (if melancholy-tinged, given recent procedings) memories of the development of the platform and its community, and reminds me how privileged I've been to have been along on the ride with such intelligent and talented people.

Somewhat diminishing the impressiveness of the spread, however, (and our faith in his capabilities) Stephen seems to be missing an N810 WiMAX Edition.

Thanks be to the helpful

Thanks to our founder and Editor-in-Chief Andrew Flegg for taking time out of his vacation to help get the issue rolling this week and scripting the publishing process to allow us to carry on while he's taking a well-deserved break.


Pre-release v0.12 of FunkeySynth for Harmattan

Topi Santakivi is working on putting together a mobile synthesizer for Harmattan. FunkeySynth is currently in early development, but a .deb of the demo (and the required PortAudio library) can be had from the thread. A video is also available for those of you without devices.

SeriesFinale 0.6.8 - improved startup time & other platforms' clones

SeriesFinale, the TV-series tracking software brought to us by Joaquim Rocha, the new update brings with it a series of minor improvements including faster start-up times, relative dates, fixed cover-fetching, a new French translation, and other bugfixes. Two new branches for GTK3/PyGl and QML have been opened so N950 users should be able to get their hands on it eventually. The Maemo update is currently working its way through Extras-testing, so those of your qualified for QA should get to work.


Harmattan development without a device

The 250 recipients of N950s from the community device program were selected the week before last, and then the nail-biting saga that was waiting for their delivery began. It has now, thankfully, been largely concluded for those receiving them and development efforts have kicked off with gusto.

Andrew Olmsted, also among the lucky, made good use of the intervening waiting time by working his way through the SDK and its testing tools and summarizing his experiences developing for Harmattan without the benefit of a device to test on. Being able to easily write an interface and code a program is all fine a good, but doing this without a device isn't really the hard part. Testing the code is what can be difficult. Not being content to wait until I had development hardware in my hands, I began the testing phase - or rather, began trying to figure out how to test. Nokia provides a fairly reasonable environment for testing applications without a device Given the rather limited supply of N950s out there and the likely-to-be-long wait for the N9, these testing methods will prove useful for many developers without access to devices. Commenters have also proposed a couple of other testing methods including Nokia's Remote Device Access service and testing against desktop Qt.

Sharing your Harmattan work with others via OBS

Your editor, Andrew Flegg on the " in the Nokia N9" thread, has produced a wiki page to track the various "home repos" (equivalent to Ubuntu's PPAs or a per-developer Extras-devel) containing Harmattan applications: Whilst X-Fade continues to work on the promotion from home repository to Apps-testing, I've created the following wiki page so we can track what everyone is doing. The lack of a free-for-all Extras-devel equivalent is, medium- and long-term, a good thing. However, in the short-term, this leads to a lot of kinks in the road whilst this new ecosystem is explored.

Adam Harwell is working on a search web-based search interface for finding package based on Marat Fayzullin's previous work on the Pack Rat package search (which old-time Maemo users will recall from the Good Old Days), which should make it easier to track down specific packages.

Changes to "stable" MeeGo 1.2 being merged without discussion?

Another interesting development has arisen in MeeGo's continuing saga of not-keeping-up-with-its-own-platform-policies. Yet again, I see that the patches to tracker are integrated to MeeGo1.2 without discussing with the developers or even notifying the maintainers. Previously, patch 0007-Fix-USB-disk-not-recognized-as-removable.patch was integrated without informing us and has triggered a lot of discussions [...] and it was found that this patch was absolutely unnecessary. So, can we work the open source way and have discussions before Unfortunately the responsible party hasn't yet weighed in on the discussion, so we don't yet have both sides of the story. Given that patches have been integrated into the stable branch seemingly-unilaterally on the part of someone not responsible for the packages in question - and apparently without discussion - there would seem to be a problem.

Intel AppUp store plugin for Qt Creator

Intel's Bob Duffy explains a new plugin for Qt Creator which allows submission to their AppUp store directly from within the IDE: The Intel AppUp SDK Plug-in 1.0 for Qt Creator software provides a set of tools and instructions for Qt Creator IDE for MeeGo development, allowing the developer to stay within the IDE to do many tasks without having to go to the AppUp developer website. This plug-in puts MeeGo development tools in line with features and support of other program supported IDEs like Visual Studio and Eclipse. He also teases more "cool stuff" coming in the next few weeks and months.

Theming the application toolbar using Qt Components. How?

Stuart Howarth, in working on cuteTube for Harmattan, stumbled across an issue with Qt Components, PageStackWindow components, and inverted themes. A solution was found by Christoph Keller: There is also a global "theme" object. Setting "theme.inverted = true" will make your whole application go black.

Retronome - metronome for Qt and Harmattan in development

Jos Van den OEver has put together a simple metronome for all of you aspiring musicians with access to Harmattan devices: Retronome. The first application I wrote for the N950 is a simple metronome written in QML. It is available on gitorious. It works just like an old fashioned metronome: move the weight up the bar to have a lower frequency and move it down to have a higher frequency.


Reporting bugs in MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan and N950

Uwe Kaminski asks about the various mechanisms in place to report bugs found during development and use of the developer N950s: The situation regarding bug reports at the moment is very confusing. Let's go deeper into details and create a component list which allows to decide where to report or to search for a problem or it's solution. This would be great for users and developer not too familiar with MeeGo Harmattan architecture. After some discussion if discussing bugs is even possible, given the terms of the loan, Quim Gil stepped in to state - on the record - the obvious: reporting bugs is in everyone's interest.


Nokia N9 won't support NFC mobile wallet or payments

In an unfortunate turn for folks looking forward to NFC payments using their N9s, lack of either an "embedded secure element" or the "Single Wire Protocol" will prevent the N9 from supporting mobile wallets: The Nokia N9 contains near field communication technology (NFC), but lacks support for either an embedded secure element or the Single Wire Protocol (SWP). According to NFC World, these elements are needed for use in secure NFC applications such as mobile wallet, ticketing and payments. Instead, Nokia is concentrating on the ‘connectivity’ aspect of NFC for file sharing, device pairing and tag reading.

Minor progress on Nokia N950 FM receiver

Javier S. Pedro, being his usual clever and productive self, has started work on supporting the N950's built-in but untapped FM receiver. See the link for technical details, but given how little time it took to get the N900's FM receiver up and running we can hope efforts will procede as smoothly this time around (barring another audio-subsystem kerfuffle).

In the Wild

Video: Foursquare – Growing with Nokia

Foursquare Co-Founder Naveen Selvadurai sat down with Nokia to discuss Foursquare in general, their relationship with Nokia, and the S40 client. The video also includes shots of a Foursquare client for N9. For those of you unfamiliar with the service (as I was when we covered the N900 client a few issues ago) it basically provides a way for users to "check-in" at businesses and locations (particularly retail locations) as they go through their daily routine. Users who check in frequently at certain businesses may evenutally be eligible for discounts or benefits (depending on what that particularly business provides).


Callerx for blocking incoming N900 phone calls

A new call-blocker daemon for N900 from Khuong Nguyen, Callerx, has arrived to help provide shelter from unwanted phone calls. Callerx is a simple calls blocker app daemon for N900, it blocks calls based on a simple whitelist.txt or blacklist.txt file in MyDocs folder. As the daemon currently lacks a configuration interface, users daunted by having to hand-write their own white/black-lists should probably steer clear. The adventurous among you can find it in Extras-testing.

Markets Today (stock tracking app) for Harmattan

For you aspiring day-traders out there Sudheer K has put together a financial markets tracker for Harmattan: Markets Today. Data source is Yahoo! finance. Any indexes/stock tickers supported byYyahoo are supported in this app. However, this is not a real-time quote-streaming application or a portfolio-tracking application. Assume at least 20 min delay for the quotes. The .deb is available from a link in the thread.

Nine Men's Morris game for Harmattan

Philipp Zabel has produced a version of Nine Men's Morris (aka Mühle) for Harmattan: to get acquainted with QML and Qt Components, I have hacked together an implementation of the Nine Men's Morris board game for the N950. Comments and suggestions would be very welcome. Except for the current discrepancy between the Desktop and N950 Qt Quick versions, development with Qt Creator has been very comfortable. There are a few kinks though that I haven't managed to work out. As the Community OBS' Harmattan targets and Apps-testing are still being set up, this is another binary deb being distributed manually.

Quano Parte port to Harmattan for monitoring departures/arrivals at Italian train stations

From Luciano Montanaro: Quando Parte is a small application that can monitor the Departures and Arrival status at Italian train stations. I have been developing it on the N900, and I am now porting it to MeeGo Harmattan. I have reached the stage where something can be shown, even if most of the stuff you can see is fake. Though the data displayed isn't yet actually useful, development is ongoing.

Quran application for Harmattan

Mohammed Hassan has started assembling a Quran reader using Qt Components for Harmattan: I started writing one already and I can now tag 0.1! The code is still rouch around the edges but it works fine. It's also my first QML application so the code is a bit messy. The code itself is GPL'ed. However, the data files and the font are not. It is currently only available in a .deb (we shouldn't need to worry about cautioning N9 or N950 owners), but there are, evidently, plans to get it onto the Ovi Store at some point.

DNC, Distrowatch News client for Harmattan user "cckwes" has announced a client for Distrowatch News for Harmattan, Distrowatch News Client (DNC). The .deb is available in the thread.