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  1. Front Page
    • Harmattan to be unveiled tomorrow?
  2. Applications
    • Become the voice of Marble
  3. Development
    • Formally launching MeeGo Community Device Programme
    • MeeGo Coding Competition extended to 31 July
    • N900 MeeGo "Developer" Edition is renamed "Community Edition"
    • Planning for Wayland in MeeGo 1.3
    • Changes to desktop launching in MeeGo trunk
  4. Community
    • Quim Gil steps down from Meego Community Office due to changed role at Nokia
    • LinuxCon Brazil & Prague, submit MeeGo sessions by 8th July
    • IT infrastructure for
  5. Devices
    • Mapping a "back" key on Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t for MeeGo Tablet UX
  6. Announcements
    • Internet Radio Player
    • Kall - kill calls on a timer
    • Accelerometer mouse control

Front Page

Harmattan to be unveiled tomorrow?

Tomorrow, in Singapore, Nokia Connection will "unveil the next chapter", with presentations by Stephen Elop (CEO), Mary McDowell (EVP of "mobile phones"), Marco Argenti (SVP, "developer & marketplace") and Marko Ahtisaari (SVP, "design"). Simultaneously, a number of invites have been sent out to Nokia events around the world; with the one in Australia gathering most of the attention. ITWire describes their invite: Nokia is set to take the wraps off its “newest, soon-to-be-named” device, with a live on-site demo of the product and then the live broadcast of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s Nokia keynote in Singapore on June 21. With a real Nokia event invitation in my inbox that’s thin on details yet, leaving the mind to conjure up a universe of speculative possibility, Nokia’s June 21 announcement promises a new market disruptor. MeeGo fits into Elop's new strategy under the "Future Disruptions" banner, so the use of the word "disruptive" to describe the new device favours the suggestion that this will (finally) see the wraps being taken off Harmattan and one or both of the rumoured devices (the older, keyboarded model for "developers" and the sleeker, tightly controlled "consumer" device - of which very little is known, or even suspected).

The reawakening of the "WeAreMeeGo" Twitter account and Jussi Mäkinen being in Singapore for the event, adds some Twitter-fuelled hopes to the rumour mongering.


Become the voice of Marble

The Marble team, KDE's answer to Google Earth, is seeking voice talent for audio guidance: Today we're starting the "Voice of Marble" contest to collect voice guidance speakers from the community. We're looking for an English speaker to be shipped with the Marble packages. And we're looking for alternative speakers for each language supported by KDE -- at least one each, and that's a lot! Please participate in the contest and spread the word among your friends. The five best contributions will get a cool Marble T-shirt as a little present. Interested? Please head over to the Voice of Marble wiki page which contains all the details you need to participate. The deadline for submissions is July 15th. I'm looking forward to your contribution!


Formally launching MeeGo Community Device Programme

Randall Arnold has been put in charge of the MeeGo Project's Community Device Programme, where developers can get hold of various devices in order to further their MeeGo efforts: Intel is providing ExoPCs for tablet development. To get them into your hands, we now have an online application to get your project proposals in front of the community approval committee. But first, check out the wiki page for the program, where you will find the submission requirements, suggestions, and a list of available device types. The programme, like the rest of, aims to be an open and transparent process. So individual devices are exposed from manufacturers by platform/device champions. More details in Randy's post.

MeeGo Coding Competition extended to 31 July

The follow-up to last year's successful Maemo Coding Competition has had its deadline extended. Ryan Faulkner said, today we're extending the deadline to 31st July so everyone has a chance to take part. We're also really proud that our community members have raised over €500 towards the prize bounty so far, and we're still collecting right up til the end! Last year we reached an incredible $1000 so that's the target for this year. Along with the main prizes of trips to the MeeGo conference in November and a chance to win N900s and MeeGo devices, there's a lot of great reasons to take part. Most of the submissions so far target Maemo 5 on the N900 using Qt, with the aim of porting these to numerous MeeGo platforms in future.

N900 MeeGo "Developer" Edition is renamed "Community Edition"

On the MeeGo-handset mailing list, Jukka Eklund has announced that the N900 Developer Ediiton will be changing its name to "Community Edition": As you can see from the title and our wiki, we have changed the name of the edition slightly. We feel this name gives a better idea on the direction we are going with this initiative. Also, we have been working on the plan for the Summer Release. Based on the community feedback we are focusing on few areas this time: performance and more applications/settings. I welcome everybody interested to join the team to help on those aspects, please follow the discussion here on ML and IRC. Hopefully this will give potential users a clearer picture of the project and its goals. An FAQ of sorts has also been published, following questions as to the relationship of the Consumer Edition to the MeeGo core.

Planning for Wayland in MeeGo 1.3

One of the big architectural changes upcoming for MeeGo (and discussed in-depth at the conference in San Francisco last month) is the move to Wayland to provide the display server. Carsten Munk is looking to shine the lights of focus and transparency on these efforts: One of the things we're trying to achieve in 1.3 is Wayland support, but there seems to be very little documented on actual plans/tasks to be done and not high transparency on what's being done currently. So how do we change this? - we need to get all the effort pushed into this as we can and ideally not do too much duplicate work :). If you're interested in joining the discussion on Wayland and MeeGo, sign up to the MeeGo-developers mailing list and jump in.

Changes to desktop launching in MeeGo trunk

Auke Kok has posted to meego-dev describing some of the initialisation processes around the MeeGo desktop, which are about to hit the development trunk: I've adjusted several things in the way uxlaunch operates in the recent weeks, and the most important changes are about to land in Trunk. I'll try and explain how things will work a bit in here since it affects the way we start the desktop session significantly, and this affects any image you can make.

What changed exactly? Well, the biggest change is that there is no hardcoded session table anymore, and so now each session needs to be defined in a session definition file instead. That means that instead of telling uxlaunch "start /usr/bin/mutter --sm-disable", you'll now tell it to 'start the x-meego-nb' session, and something will instruct uxlaunch that that implies 'mutter' etc. In addition to architectural cleanliness, the new approach also allows the user to override the settings without being root.


Quim Gil steps down from Meego Community Office due to changed role at Nokia

Quim Gil has, for a long time, been Nokia's open source community advocate/manager. With the formation of the MeeGo project, this meant he was the MeeGo Community Office, with his Intel counterpart, Dawn Foster. Now, however, he's focusing on Nokia's upcoming Harmattan device and stepping aside to let more people into the CO: After #feb11 there was a weak justification to keep sharing the Community Office coordination with Dawn, and it even made less sense to have a Nokia employee leading the MeeGo project marketing efforts. I proposed these changes to Dawn and Brian already in February / March but we decided to leave it until we had a chance to meet face to face in the MeeGo Conference. In practice I haven't been active in those roles for a while, letting Dawn and Brian work on them without any interference from my side. New members of the Community Office are Randall Arnold (Device Programme), Brian Warner (Marketing), Niels Breet (Apps). These nominations will go to the MeeGo Technical Steering Group for approval.

LinuxCon Brazil & Prague, submit MeeGo sessions by 8th July

Dawn Foster has announced the opening for session submissions to the MeeGo LinuxCon Brazil & Prague mini-summits: We will be having MeeGo Mini-Summits at the LinuxCon events this year in Vancouver (August 17 - 19), Prague (Oct 26 - 28) and Brazil (Nov 17 - 18). The Mini-Summits are basically a MeeGo track with 4-5 sessions at each of the events. If you want to present at these events, you need to submit a session through the normal Call for participation process. Note that the call for participation for Vancouver is closed and talks should be selected / announced in the next few days.

IT infrastructure for

David Greaves gives an overview of the work of the MeeGo IT team: The MeeGo IT team looks after the infrastructure running websites and services including the main site, wiki, conference, apps, news, Bugzilla, Community OBS, MXR, BOSS, ircbot, CAS, SDK, QA, Forums etc. We also manage DNS, LDAP, Nagios, backups and other internal services. We have over 50 virtual machines mainly running Debian Squeeze on top of opensuse 11.4 Xen hosts with LVM. This email also reignited discussion of the email<->forum interface that was one of the initial requirements for Back in April, server strain was one of the final obstacles which, with the MeeGo IT team running the forum on their VM infrastructure, should now be removed.


Mapping a "back" key on Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t for MeeGo Tablet UX

The MeeGo Tablet UX requires a hardware key for going back to the homescreen, but the convertible Lenovo netbook/tablet (given out at the Dublin conference) does not - out of the box - have a functional one in its tablet mode: I got a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t for development and put the latest tablet live image from the 3rd of May on a usb stick.

It's booting fine and fast. But I'm unable to get back from a applications to the desktop? Is there a hint how this could work? And how to open the Task manager? The answer, a simple command run as root, is provided.


Internet Radio Player

A new Internet radio player, Internet Radio Player, has been released by Giovanni Grammatico. The player features more in-depth playback and management features than Nokia's built-in media player (or its open source re-implementation), so internet radio buffs may be interested. Still only available from Extras-devel, potential testers should self-select for bravery and skill.

Kall - kill calls on a timer

Iktwo Salazar has put together an application to make time-limited phone calls: Kall. The application allows users to specify the call duration in seconds and will hang up at the end of the timer. Iktwo decribes his motivation: Here in my country you can make a call to selected numbers. if call.lenght() < 5 min it's free, that's how you could use it, it's useful, maybe it's not for you.. but if you want to "control" the length of your calls this is for you.. Currently available only from Extras-devel, care should be taken before installing.

Accelerometer mouse control

Talk user "skyhooler" has put together a Python script which allows users to control a Mac OS X machine's mouse using the N900's accelerometers: I got inspired by the mouse in my friend's Wii and decided to write a program to allow me to do the same with my N900. Currently I only have a OSX version of the script, because I won't have access to a Linux or Windows computer until this evening and there doesn't seem to be any cross-platform way to move the mouse pointer. As the script is provided simply as a zip file, care should probably be taken in its handling.