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  1. Front Page
    • MeeGo 1.2 released, including Developer Edition for N900
    • MeeGo Conference keynote: disappointing
    • PocketNow grabs Nokia Harmattan device teaser ad
  2. Development
    • Cross-platform packaging with Qt Creator
    • Dialer QML branch merged to MeeGo trunk
  3. Community
    • Help wanted with XML schedule for MeeGo Conference
  4. In the Wild
    • is not official MeeGo page
    • Microsoft to buy Nokia? Eyebrow-raising rumor of the day

Front Page

MeeGo 1.2 released, including Developer Edition for N900

MeeGo Developer Edition 1.2 is out just in time for MeeGo Conference, with the N900 Developer Edition also being released for the first day: This update promises to provide a solid baseline for device vendors and developers to start creating software for various device categories on Intel Atom and ARMv7 architectures. If you'd like to try out the release, bear in mind despite the polish, it is still primarily intended for developers.

MeeGo Conference keynote: disappointing

As you may have noticed, we published this week's edition a bit later to make sure we could catch any breaking news from the MeeGo Conference. The conference, in San Francisco, runs for the next two days and has already had a successful warm-up weekend.

Unfortunately, the keynote didn't deliver anything new or noteworthy. The session, moderated by The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin, was renamed at the last minute from "The Future of MeeGo starts now" to "Monday morning with MeeGo"; not an auspicious start. The first hour was a pitch about Linux and open source. If the target audience was OEMs, ISVs and investors; the answer to the questions being posed was Android, not MeeGo (in fact, MeeGo was barely mentioned at all).

This was the MeeGo Conference keynote, instead of championing - and demonstrating - the success of MeeGo 1.2 and the N900 Developer Edition, we got a pitch on open source & Linux and a ragbag collection of guests - some rounded up at the last minute over the weekend.

The overall reaction on Twitter, and talking to people, was disappointment: not at the lack of exciting freebie devices being handed out, but that such an opportunity was wasted.

PocketNow grabs Nokia Harmattan device teaser ad

The web got whipped up into a bit of a frenzy this week when PocketNow posted a video on YouTube purporting to be a teaser for Nokia's Harmattan device; showing a device with similarities to the leaked photos floating around last year, this may be the rumoured "developer device" running Harmattan. However, despite the convincing visuals, the audio was the intro to "Jessie's Girl", cutting out just as it got started.

The original video has been taken down, however Mark Guim has stills showing the device and there are more copies of it now on YouTube. A new blog post at Nokia Conversations features a stage with drawn curtains, a reference to Jessie's Girl and talk of the innovations being pursued at Nokia: One area of innovation that’s continually evolving is the ways in which a phone’s interface might be innovative. To offer new value, we can’t just be talking about a new set of icons or even more home screens. That’s not innovation, it’s just an increment. An innovation in interface design will make our interactions quicker, more natural or simpler – and so offer users value through the time and effort they save. [...] At the moment, of course, our technology is far from natural. There's nothing natural about icons and drop-down lists and tickboxes. It would probably be better if you could just swipe through your apps, wouldn't it? We've delayed publishing this issue until late Monday so we can react to the news at the opening day of the MeeGo conference, but there was no sign of Nokia's Harmattan device, indeed - no mention of Nokia at all during the keynote.


Cross-platform packaging with Qt Creator

Ville Vainio has put together some documentation on building packages for Maemo, MeeGo and OBS: Qt Creator creates packaging that is “almost” valid for Maemo 5 and Symbian. Qt Creator does use a bit of a hacky way to create the package though, in that it builds the binary itself and only uses packaging tools to package that binary. The correct way for Debian based distributions is to provide sufficient instructions to build the whole package with the instructions provided in debian/rules.

Dialer QML branch merged to MeeGo trunk

Tom Swindell's QML dialer has been mentioned before, but it's now the main MeeGo Dialer reference UI. Shane Bryan wrote: Since the bulk of the work is now happening on the QML version of the> UI, and MTF is on the path towards removal from MeeGo for 1.3, I think it is now time to make the QML version the official one going forward.


Help wanted with XML schedule for MeeGo Conference

Will Thompson's Sojourner provides a mobile conference schedule, but requires an update for each conference. With no easily machine readable representation, and Will not attending the MeeGo Conference, someone else has the opportunity to step up: The schedule’s available as a web page. I had a quick poke around for a version in a more machine-readable format—ideally PentaBarf XML, which Sojourner understands, but even something that could be converted to that—and couldn’t see anything obvious.

Dear reader, would you happen to know of such a machine-readable schedule, and would you like to send a merge request updating Sojourner to show it? In the meantime, Michał Sawicz has screen-scraped the conference website and produced an iCal version of the schedule.

In the Wild is not official MeeGo page

One of the things that Engadget and folks picked up on, following the leak of the Harmattan device teaser, was a Facebook page which looked officially MeeGoish and contained lots of information reinforced by the leaks. This is not the official MeeGo page, and discussion on the meego-community mailing list has led the Linux Foundation to investigate it on trademark grounds.

Microsoft to buy Nokia? Eyebrow-raising rumor of the day

Says Nick Eaton of The Microsoft Blog: The big rumor that’s been spreading across the Interwebs today is that Microsoft is looking to buy Nokia’s mobile division, just three months after the companies announced a partnership and just a week after Microsoft said it will acquire Skype for $8.5 billion. So far, none of these rumours have been substantiated - or even mentioned - during the warm-up sessions at MeeGo Conference. In our opinion, they seem pretty far fetched.