In this edition...

  1. Front Page
    • New Community Council outlines their vision
  2. Applications
    • IrGGu IRC client, with Maemo 5 integration
  3. Development
    • QML performance analyser
    • Monodevelop on N900
  4. Community
    • Extra week to design MeeGo Conference t-shirts
    • MeeGo Device Programme update
  5. Announcements
    • CuteTube-QML - YouTube client rewritten, and now with upload

Front Page

New Community Council outlines their vision

The recently inducted Maemo Community Council has posted a new blog post outlining their vision for the next 6 months in the Maemo Community: Now that Nokia has put Maemo into "maintenance mode", with no promises of future updates, we would like to see Maemo continue forward as a community project. And we believe there are two projects that are very promising for the future of Maemo as a community-supported project. 2011 is likely to continue to be an interested (if stress-filled) year for Maemo and its community. There are still a lot of interesting projects in progress, and a lot of life left in the Maemo platform. Feb 11th, far from obsoleting, has managed to make it more important than ever for users who value open in their mobile devices. The new council has their work cut out for them.


IrGGu IRC client, with Maemo 5 integration

XChat had long been the standard GUI IRC client for Maemo, having switched maintainers several times in its long life, until Felipe Crochik developed Communi. Now a new contender has entered the ring with the release of IrGGu by Arttu Liimola. The new Qt-based client is available from Extras-devel for testing, so it should handled with care.


QML performance analyser

Nokia's Qt Labs have posted a walkthrough on their latest tool: a Qt Quick profiler and performance analyser: As QtCreator 2.2 is coming out, we have started working on new experimental features in a new branch. The latest of them is the Qml Perfomance Monitor. This little tool, part of the new Analyze Mode, can be used to profile your Qt Quick applications. With it you can inspect binding evaluations, signal handling, and painting operations when running your Qml code. This is very useful for identifying potential bottlenecks, specially in the evaluation of bindings.

Monodevelop on N900

Misha K points to a video by "keks9n" showing Monodevelop - the open source IDE for Mono (a reimplementation of Microsoft's .NET platform) - running on the N900: Tested code completion, debugger, variable value lookup. Fixed gtk-sharp (took about 3 days to get it working), Mono.Addins, etc


Extra week to design MeeGo Conference t-shirts

Those of you interested in designing the San Francisco MeeGo Conference t-shirt have an extra week. Dawn Foster, a member of the Community Office, said we've extended the deadline a week to give people a little extra time. You now have until April 15 to submit an awesome design! Your editor has an idea for a design but, unfortunately, no skill (or time) to realise it. Best wishes to all those participating!

MeeGo Device Programme update

Randall Arnold has outlined the status of the MeeGo Community Device Programme, and how the team have been progressing: I am still trying to get more providers in. I heard from the AAVA rep again today but no actual progress yet-- he hopes to free time up this week to talk with me. I also reached out to GENIVI to see about including the dev device they expect to have out in September for automotive use. Cross your fingers, IVI fans! In addition, I have added a new table to the wiki for tracking proposals/requests for provider participation. Feel free to help out there! Also propose devices. Randall and Ferenc Szekely have been putting together a technical specification for an online device request application. Although commendably approaching the programme from multiple angles, investing in a carefully relational, online application might unduly delay getting the firstbatch of devices into developers' hands. Your editors might suggest a wiki page (or simply email) could be useful to get things moving in the mean time.


CuteTube-QML - YouTube client rewritten, and now with upload

CuteTube, Stuart Howarth's YouTube front-end, has been given a Qt Quick makeover: The main additional features of this version are the ability to upload videos. Another change is that video playback is performed using either Media Player or KMPlayer. Features missing from this release include sharing via twitter and facebook. These features are on my TODO list. The new version, which can live alongside its earlier sibling, is in Extras-testing as "qmltube". Those willing to test and rate it against the QA criteria are encouraged to do so.